Evernote vs OneNote: Visual Comparison

In the world of note taking tools, Evernote and OneNote compete hard. What are their unique features and advantages over one another?


Evernote is one of the hugely praised note taking services. Microsoft’s OneNote is also among the mostly popular pieces for the same purpose. Both of them support wider range of devices.

Recently I’ve tried Evernote vs OneNote web version and made a comparison table for you. Hope it will give you more understanding regarding these two products and help you make a right choice.

Evernote OneNote
Sign Up Users require registering with name, email address, password etc.
Users need to sign in with Microsoft (e.g. Outlook, Live) account. No additional sign up required
onenote sign in
Platforms Windows (Computers and Smartphones), Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Browser extensions and WebOS Windows (Computers and Smartphones), Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Web
Sync Yes Yes
Packages Free and Premium
evernote premium 11112
Free and Premium
OneNote package fee
Notes Homepage Evernote home sports lots of features and options
evernote home page view11123
OneNote home comes with simpler and basic interface having a few options
onenote home p
Notes View By default list view
evernote home page view11123
By default grid view
onenote home p
Note Editor Has advanced tools
Evernote note writing tools
Has advanced tools
OneNote text editing tools
Text Formatting Options A good number of text formatting tools
Evernote note editor box
A range of text formatting tools
OneNote text editing tools
Note Text Color Customizable
font color in evernote
OneNote text color
Changing Font Available
Evernote note editor font selection
OneNote fonts
Customizing Note Title Font Not possible Possible
Hyperlinking Available
Evernote Hyperlinking
OneNote hyperlinking
Making Checklists Possible
evernote checklist
OneNote list
Adding Images Possible
evernote add image
OneNote insert picture
Text Background Color Customization No Yes
OneNote text background color
Inserting Other Files Possible Possible
Adding Pages Not possible Possible
adding page in OneNote
Sharing & Collaboration Available
evernote note sharing
sharing OneNote
Arrangement of Notes In Evernote web app's home page, users can arrange notes by tags, notebooks etc. OneNote web app's homepage shows the notebooks in alphabetical order. Here is no custom arrangement option
Tags to Notes Yes
tag in evernote
onenote tags
Optical Character Recognition Yes Yes
Notebooks Available
evernote notebooks
OneNote notebooks
Search Option Yes Yes
Shortcuts for Quick Access Yes No
Reminder Yes
evernote reminder
No, OneNote web app does not have a reminder option
Storage on Free Account Unlimited, but 60 MB upload per month It uses your OneDrive storage (currently 15 GB free there)
Native Helper Add-On Evernote Web Clipper
Evernote web clipper
Send to OneNote
send to onenote sc

So from our Evernote vs OneNote comparison we see that they offer almost similar sets of features on their web versions. Both of the services are available on a wide range of platforms. OneNote introduces it notes as ‘Notebook’ which inherits some additional benefits like inserting new pages, sections etc.

Both of the services have free and paid packages. Premium OneNote comes with Office 365 plans which starts from $9.99 per month. There is a one month free trial available. On the other hand, Evernote premium plan costs $5/month or $45/year.

OneNote home page is clear and simple. It sports a default grid view. Evernote offers a three column list view with lots of options and shortcuts on the welcome page. Still it is well responsive and smooth.

When it comes to note editing and formatting tools, I found OneNote more flexible and feature rich. In the above table you can get the proof. OneNote has better customization facilities than Evernote.

Surprisingly, there is no reminder or custom arrangement option in OneNote web app. Evernote provides these features. Evernote offers an add-on called ‘Evernote Web Clipper‘ for browsers which enables quick note taking while browsing the web. In contrast, Microsoft OneNote has an independent tool dubbed ‘Send to OneNote’ that comes handy to capture screenshots and take quick notes.

Evernote Every DayIf you’re interested in Evernote, I’d recommend you to read Jeremy Roberts’ book called Evernote Every Day. It will bring you to a new level of using Evernote through a series of practical, easy to follow guides.

Another book that you may find interesting is Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly. Everybody who buys this book gets all future versions, free of charge, for the life of the product.

However, summing up, I liked both Evernote and OneNote web apps. Did you use them? Which one did you like?

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