Flickr vs Picasa: Side-by-Side Comparison

Google has transited major photo service from Picasa to Google+ Photo. The former kings of photo socializing are yet to be compared nowadays. Flickr vs Picasa: Which one fits you best?

Flickr vs Picasa Comparison Table

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For professional photographers, use Flickr as it provides amazing 1 TB storage which is generous for large and plentiful photo storage. 200MB / photo limitation is clement for high-res pictures. The price of extra space is acceptable. Copyright settings protect you from unauthorized sharing in law layer.

For common users, try Picasa (Google+ Photo). It provides handy tool for you to get photos better looking with fewest clicks. Standard sized (compressed) photos don’t occupy any Google shared storage. Syncing and auto-backup supported, forget about uploading and downloading the photos by yourself. The auto enhancement is ready for every single photo, whatever you do: downloading or viewing. Videos are unlimited in duration.

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