How Much does a Gigabyte of Cloud Storage Cost?

Online storage, also known as ‘Cloud Storage’ is very popular to archive and share data. Cloud storage service is used to store business and personal files. You will find many online storage providers out there. Most of them offer a certain volume of cloud space for free. You can upgrade the service plan with additional fees. But how much does a gigabyte of cloud storage cost? Yes, it’s a big question. Don’t worry, I’ll answer it here!

In this post, I’ve presented 20 different online storage service providers with their free offerings, minimum-maximum paid volume plans and finally derived the per-gigabyte storage costs. This packages are standard for personal or SME level purposes. All of the price plans are collected from official source. Let’s see.

An Overview of Selected Online Storage Providers

[table width=”667″ colwidth=”140|127|200|200″ colalign=”left|center|left|left”]Brand, Free Storage, Minimum Paid Plan, Maximum Paid Plan
Google Drive,15 GB,100 GB @ $1.99/mo,30 TB @ $299.99/mo
Dropbox,2 GB,1 TB @ $9.99/mo,Unlimited @ $99.00/yr
OneDrive,15 GB,100 GB @ $1.99/mo,Unlimited @ $10.00/yr
Just Cloud,N/A,75 GB @ $8.95/mo,Unlimited @ $12.95/mo
CertainSafe,N/A,5 GB @ $8.77/mo~~(Single User),200GB @ $8.47/mo~~(Multi User)
Mega,50 GB,500 GB @ $12.92/mo,4 TB @ 38.79/mo
Cubby,5GB,100 GB @ $6.99/mo,2500 GB @ $174.75/mo
LiveDrive,N/A,Unlimited @ $8/mo~~(Backup),5000 GB @ $25/mo~~(Pro Features)
4Shared,15 GB,100 GB @ $9.95/mo,100 GB @ $9.95/mo~~(One plan only)
Mediafire,10 GB,1000 GB @ $4.99/mo,100 TB @ $49.99/mo
Carbonite,N/A,Unlimited @ $4.99/mo,Unlimited @ $12.45/mo~~(With Pro Features)
BackBlaze,N/A,Unlimited @ $5/mo,Unlimited @ $5/mo~~(Discount in yearly package)
SOS Online Backup,N/A,Unlimited @ $3.61/mo~~(1 PC/ Mac),Unlimited @ $16.11/mo~~(5 Computers)
Mozy,2 GB,50 GB @ $5.99/mo,125 GB @ $9.99/mo
Box,10 GB,100 GB @ $5/mo,Unlimited @ $35/mo
Copy,15 GB,250 GB @ $9.99/mo,500 GB @ $14.99/mo
Yandex,10GB,10 GB @ $1/mo,1 TB @ $30/mo
ADrive,50GB,100GB @ $2.50/mo,10TB $250.00/mo
iCloud,5GB,20GB @$0.99/mo,1TB @$19.99/mo
Amazon S3,5 GB,1 GB @ $0.0300/mo,Pay Per Use Policy[/table]

Now let’s see the per GB cost of these cloud storage services. We will consider the minimum cost. The unlimited plans won’t be taken into account in this case. Here I’ve prepared a table to show the lowest possible cost of per gigabyte online storage at the current market price. For easy recognition, the table is arranged from lowest to highest order.

Cost Of Per 1GB Online Storage Per Month

cloud storage chart

[table width=”667″ colwidth=”133|244|290″ colalign=”left|center|left”]Brand,Cost of 1 GB/Month,Website
Google Drive,0.019,
Amazon S3,0.03,
Just Cloud,0.119,

From this we get a clear picture about the cost of 1 gigabyte of online storage per month. Mediafire provides an amazing 1000 GB @ $4.99/month package that counts only $0.004 per month for each gigabyte online storage! Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive cost $0.009 and $0.019 respectively for 1 GB cloud space for one month. Each of the service I mentioned in this article can be reached via the provided URLs. Now it’s your turn to select the online storage that suits your needs. Thanks a lot for reading.