Skype vs. Viber

Online communication services are a popular way to connect with people around the world. There are many internet based text and multimedia messaging providers. Skype and Viber are two of the mostly used online voice/text focused communication brands. Each of them has some unique features that made it worth taking a look on the respective products. In this article, we will compare Skype and Viber VOIP services.


Skype was first introduced in August 2003, and later in 2011, it was acquired by Microsoft. On the other hand, Viber was released in December 2010. Currently both services are in direct competition. According to Wikipedia, Skype had about 663 million registered users at the end of 2010, and now Viber says in its website, that they have more than 360 million users in over 193 countries.

Availability and Compatibility

You can use both Skype and Viber on almost all major platforms. Skype apps can be downloaded for Windows (PC), Windows Phone Operating System, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, BlackBerry devices, Xbox One, PSP, PlayStation Vita, Amazon Fire Phone etc. A few days ago, Skype app was available for Nokia Symbian smartphone users as well, but the VOIP company has declared that they won’t continue with Symbian phones.

On the other side, Viber works on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada devices. You could also enjoy Viber on Mac or Windows computer.

Getting Started

If you want to use Skype or Viber, download the app for your device. Visit to register (if you don’t have a Skype ID) and download the application. Viber has a smart advantage at this point. It doesn’t need a registration! You just need to download Viber software and confirm your phone number. Visit to download Viber. After installing the app, open it and provide your mobile number. You’ll receive an access code via SMS. Confirm your mobile number with this access code by entering it into the app. That’s it. Now you can use Viber to call or chat with your friends who are also using the service. The phone number works as user ID in Viber.

Skype and Viber offer free calls and messaging over the internet, given that, the user on the other end also has the same service. However, you can dial traditional mobile and land phone numbers from Viber or Skype using paid plans. Viber calls it ‘ViberOut’ and Skype’s pro service is known as ‘Skype Premium’.


Viber offers HD voice calls, video calls, text, photo, video and sticker messages. Beside the services Viber has, Skype enriched itself with more features like free video conference, HD video conferences for enterprise users, Facebook integration, web apps etc.


Although Skype possesses quite a bit more features compared to Viber, yet the latter one is an amazing service. Viber works just fine in slower 2G internet connections. Skype is an all-rounder app while Viber is mobile centric. In my opinion, both of them are great. Now it’s your turn. Choose the online communication service which best suits to your needs. Thank you!