How to Reduce Lag in Games and Improve PC Performance

Your PC might experience lagging issues when playing games, launching programs, watching movies and so on.

This usually happens on Windows 10, 8 and 7 and it is actually an annoying experience when playing CSGo Skins. PC lagging can be realised when some of the following happens:

  • Programs opening slowly
  • Windows loading extremely slowly
  • Taking more time to save documents or convert files
  • Takes more time to load or shut down the operating system
  • Low speed experienced in downloading or uploading of internet connection
  • Frequent pop up of file writing errors
  • Pop up of windows error messages
  • Delay, stutter and flicker in games or applications
  • Printers and other accessories linked with the PC fail to work correctly.

When almost everything on your PC becomes slower and slower, it might be because of several underlying factors. This can be rectified as long as you know why the PC is lagging. When playing games on your PC, there are usually two notable things that can be experienced: bad lag and poor performance of the PC. This usually happens when playing more games online. This is because data transmitted while playing the game online travels slowly from the PC to the server of the game and back to the PC again. This results in lag in the game.

Reducing the lag can be little especially when you are connecting to servers which are a bit far. The easiest way to reduce this is by optimizing the network you are using to achieve a better gaming experience. A stuttering or a low frames per second might be caused by inefficient hardware. You can experience the best gaming performance if you tweak the settings and reduce tasks in the background. The following are ways you can reduce lag in games and improve PC performance:

Maximize FPS and Performance

This is the first method you can use to achieve a better performance while playing CS GO Skins. This can be achieved by doing the following:

Minimize background programs while playing

By stopping other programs especially iTunes while you’re playing online can help you reduce lag. Background programs usually tend to eat up the system’s resources. You can view all the programs that are currently running in the background by pressing the ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time.

Update the graphics card drivers

The graphics card drives literally are the software that manages the graphics card. The graphic card plays an important role in any gaming experience.  Out of date drivers have great influence on the performance of your PC when playing games online. Drivers are usually tweaked to suit particular games, therefore, running the latest version from AMD, NVidia or Intel depending on the manufacturer can help you reduce lag in games and improve your PC performance.

Reduce settings of the in-game

You can lower the lag in games by lowering the graphic settings. The game might deteriorate but you can boost frames per second (FPS) to achieve a smoother game experience. The first setting in the game’s options menu is the resolution. You can have massive gain of frames per second when you lower the resolution.

Anti-aliasing (AA) is another technique that is in different options. This technique helps you achieve more natural edges. You can try lowering the AA or turning it off to achieve the best results.

Texture quality is another setting option which when lowered is helpful when playing latest video games and older video cards. Dropping down the shadow quality also helps in improving the performance of the PC. The last setting option is the V-Sync which also makes the game run at a lower frame rate. When you lower this setting or completely disable it you will experience a better performance while playing games online.

Use an appropriate version for the drivers or hardware

Games usually come in different versions and they are optimized for 32-bit or 64-bit CPU processors. Others might come with alternative versions which are optimized for particular graphics driver. In this case, it is advisable to run the different versions so that you can pick one which offers the best performance. NVidia and AMD are the two major leading graphics card providers.

Do virus and malware scans

Virus infection in your PC might be one factor that can cause lag in games. The viruses are known to take most of the system’s resources. Performing scans to your PC improves your online games performance and the security of your PC. There are several ways viruses can be removed from your PC.

Reduce Ping

Reducing ping is the second and alternative method that can be used reduce game lag while the performance of your PC. This can be achieved through the following:

Choosing game servers which are near

It is quite possible with most games to select a desired server. A server that is near to you aids effectiveness of the performance of your game. It is the best way you can reduce your ping. Depending on the game you are playing online, the procedure might vary. Note that some multiplayer gamers usually connect automatically to the nearest server or player.

Switch off programs interfering with your network

There are some programs known to hog the network you are using and before you can start playing online games make sure that you switch-off such programs. Some of the programs that are capable of hogging your network while gaming online include any open browser or streaming of music.

Check for extra devices on the network

Your ping can be affected due to an overload like someone streaming video or music at the other end. The best solution is to choose an appropriate time when the network is not congested.

Use a router or Ethernet to connect your PC or game console

Any PC or game console connected to your network via a router or Ethernet is more effective compared to a wireless connection.

Reset the network hardware

Resetting your network hardware can be one way you can solve the issue of excessive lagging. Disconnect the network cable from the modem and router and leave it for about 30 seconds or more and then plug it back. Let it boot up which is a process that takes approximately 1 or two minutes. When the modem turns on, plug the router back and wait for a minute or more.

Another factor that might cause game lagging and slower PC performance is a corrupted or less RAM in your PC. This renders the PC with little memory to deal with processes and services.