Parental Controls Software

Parental Controls Software and Setup Guide

Electronic media is having a huge impact on our everyday life. With the continuous growth of globalization in every field of life, you always need to stay updated with the incidents occurring in every minute.

To cope with the pace, the electronic devices are now getting more equipped to do multi-functioning. The Internet has been one of the basic amenities of today’s fast paced life. But there are several threats in disguise which are good to see but it can harm your device a lot. Not only that, but modern technology has also helped them to develop so much that they can even steal all your personal data also like your bank account number, password etc. So to safeguard your device, there are certain programs that should be installed in your device that can stop those threats to enter into your device.

What is a Virus and Anti-Virus?

Basically, both are kind of software, but their functions are different from one another. The virus is used to make your device malfunction or even destroy it from inside. This software gets installed automatically and then blocks the programs to perform properly.

On the other hand, an anti-virus is also a program that detects and removes the viruses to enter into your device. These programs are designed to make a firewall that will stop the viruses to enter into your computer or phone or tablet etc. But in modern times the functions of antivirus are not only confined to detection and removal of viruses, but they also can protect your devices from malwares, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, and trojan horses and so on. The more technology is developing, the more the anti-viruses are also developing so that the users can work freely on their devices.

What is Parental Control Software?

In today’s fast paced world everyone needs internet starting from the MD of a multinational company to a school kid. But these kids don’t know which sites are to enter and where not to. But it is not possible for the parents to look after what their kids are doing with the device. The world of web, there is a huge portion of the black web which are not at all good for the users to visit. Moreover, if you do your financial transactions from your device, then you should be more careful about the use of the internet by your kids. That is why the feature named parental control is used to restrict the access of certain sites for your kids when you are not being able to keep an eye on them.

Parental control includes computers, video games and digital services of television along with mobiles, tablets and so on. This feature of any anti-virus software assists parents to control the zone on the web where their kids can roam around. Generally, this software helps you in four different ways.

  • It helps you to restrict the content that your kids can see through the device and restricts the access of contents that are not appropriate as per their age.
  • You can put a time limit on the device to ensure that your kid is not using the device after a certain time.
  • This software allows you to stop the usage of certain software.
  • You can always track the activities of your kids along with their locations.

Norton Family Premier to Keep Track of the Activities of Your Kids

There are many companies that program anti-viruses. If you want to know which among these antiviruses are having lesser flaws then the Norton Family Premier review will be the best guide for you. This parental control software encourages you to make your kids aware of the pros and cons of the internet. It also offers you supreme supervision power on your kids and that’s why you can monitor all the activities of your kids.

The reasons why this software is so popular are given here below.

  • This software can run in almost all the platforms which are mostly used now like the windows, iOS and Android. It costs very less and allows you a subscription of one year at a time. It also lets you have a test run of it so that you can understand all its benefits and problems before you pay for the subscription.
  • Norton allows you to make your own rules so that the control of browsing of the internet by your kids is in your hands.
  • Some changes in the web interface have been made and which is actually good. Now the new version is much more compact. You can add more than one figure as parents but along with that, you should remember that the other person will also have full access to the account settings of the user profile and will be able to monitor all the activities of the kids.
  • The most important feature of why people use parental control is web filtering. It restricts to open inappropriate websites so that your kids never get in touch with them accidentally or deliberately. All you need to access this feature is to select the web section which you will get in the main dashboard. There are certain levels of restrictions based on the age of the children and some configurations are preset to determine the types of websites you want to restrict for your child. But this is not all; there are options to customize the restrictions.
  • Norton parental control is also equipped with time supervision so that you can restrict the time limit of the usage of the internet by your kids. There is an option named Qustodio which allows you to schedule the usage of hardware and internet.
  • One of the main features of this anti-virus is that it can assist the user for safe searching on any search engine. It also facilitates the user by providing a brief history of the websites that your children have viewed.

All these features have made Norton anti-virus and its parental control feature universally accepted and well-praised software.