Make Your Own Information Magazine with RSS Reader

Instead of having to go *out* to get the information you want, imagine what your life would be like if you could get it to come *in* to you.

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Adams.

Imagine a magazine filled with just the sort of content *you* like and organized in a way that suits *your* reading style.

Better still, imagine your email inbox pared down to just your most important mail because you’ve moved all your blog subscriptions and newsletters and other clutter out of there and over to your magazine!


Let me just say, before going any further, that I’ve got a purple thumb when it comes to techie skills, so I’ve had a real struggle making those three dreams above come true.

But I’m sharing them with you here because they’ve helped me a lot, so maybe they’ll help you some, too.

What I mean is, I’ve discovered that I’m actually a little better at techie stuff when I’ve got a clear picture in mind of the result I’m trying to achieve than when I set out with the idea that I’m going to learn some piece of software. *That* approach doesn’t work for me at all!


When Google’s RSS Reader died sometime in the middle of 2013, I switched to following certain blogs by the tedious process of going out and bringing them up in my browser manually.

As for the Google Alerts I check every day, I re-routed those from the now-deceased Google Reader to my email inbox where they behaved like a great big boat anchor weighing it down.

I endured this state of affairs for over a year until one day I was watching a “Monday Morning Productivity Pointers” video on where the host was talking about how she uses an RSS reader called Feedly to organize all her favorite sites and alerts and groups into one fun and efficient magazine.

Next thing you know, I’m all ears!


Here are the links to the two videos I watched:

Installing the Feedly browser extension from course Monday Productivity Pointers

Customizing Feedly from course Monday Productivity Pointers

Unfortunately for a purple-thumbed techie like me, these weren’t enough. They did enable me to at least visualize the dream of my very own information magazine personalized to me, but they didn’t help me get from here to there.

So I went a little further afield.

I checked Amazon.

And here’s what I found:

Newspaper 2.0: Your Guide to RSS (99¢)

Unofficial Guide to Feedly: Better than Google Reader (99¢)

These two books helped me understand what RSS is all about, first of all; and, secondly, what the Feedly RSS reader can do, including but not limited to organizing blog feeds into categories that make sense to *you* and getting Google Alerts and Facebook Groups and newsletters out of *your* email inbox.


At this point, I’m like a bulldog with a bone. I’m *not* going to let go of this thing until I’ve got it doing *exactly* what I want and looking *precisely* as I like!

So I signed up for the Feedly “pro” version for $5/month which gives me (among many other things) “premium” support by email from the Feedly techs.

I won’t say it hasn’t been a bit of a struggle getting to where we can understand each other (the Geekspeak-vs-English thing), but it’s been worth every penny of that five bucks to me.

My Feedly magazine is now a dream come true!

You can read more about how far I’ve gotten with it here:

I wound up on this blog because one of the things my Feedly Pro enables me to do is do “something” with either EverNote or OneNote, although I have no idea, yet, what that “something” might be because the first thing I had to do was decide whether I was going to go with EverNote or OneNote, which is what led me here, and the next thing was to take a course on the winner over at so I could make that “something” do whatever *it* is supposed to do.

Where I’m off to next is learning how to bring AWeber communications (aka all those *other* newsletters in my email inbox) into Feedly.

I just got a reply back from AWeber Customer Support with this exciting information:

“This is a Feedly integration we currently support:”


I’d be happy to drop back in here for a “Part 2” of this Marco-Polo adventure to Outer Mongolia, if anybody reading this post is actually interested in it instead of just plain bored silly with my non-techie-speak…

…let me know in the comments below, won’t you?


Happy New Year, Everybody!



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