Private Search Engine

Meet The New Search Engine That Will Take Care of Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy on the internet has become an extremely difficult task. Even if you manage to secure your computer with the best antivirus software available in the market, you are not completely safe.

In fact, most of the search engines and smart applications are always tracking your activities so that they can improve the user interface. Data collection has become one of the most efficient ways to improve the ads placed in the online industry. And for the website owners, search engines, etc. always collect sophisticated information in the form of cookies. But such an approach from the search engine sites often compromises your privacy to a certain extent.

To protect the privacy of the users, a new form of the search engine is becoming extremely popular in today’s world. Those who are smart must have heard about the private search engine. Let’s explore how the private search engine takes care of your privacy.

Hide your IP address

One of the most common ways by which the traditional search engine tracks your activities is by using the IP address. Some of you might be using dynamic IP addresses instead of real IP still the search engine algorithm can track the MAC address and define your PC. To make it clear, every time you attempt to login to a new device, you are required to face 2 factors authentication mode. Once you trust your device, you no longer have to initiate the two factors process. This is usually done by tracking your IP or the MAC address. But if you search via a private search engine, you will be accessing different websites anonymously without leaving any digital footprint. Though it will make the browsing experience a little bit complicated still it can reinforce your security to a great extent.

Location tracking

Location tracking is a very big issue when you search via a popular search engine. In fact, the results of the search engines are based on your geographical position. But those who are searching in private search engine never face any issue with location tracking. The private search never accesses your geographical position or allow the other websites to know about your exact locations. By this, you keeping your personal information in a safe zone. However, you might require some search results based on some specific locations. In such a case, you can use the name of the place as a keyword to get your desired result from the search engine.

Search queries

Do you know the regular search engines always stores your search queries to create a set of keywords for the advertisers? By searching in the traditional search engine, you are also exposing a lot about your taste, habit, and other sophisticated information. But if you start using the private search engines, there is no way by which the private search engine will store your queries. All the request are processed in the encrypted medium so that the user’s data always remain safe. If you are not familiar with the encrypted request, you can read few articles on the encrypted communication method and you will get a clear idea of why the private search engine is getting so popular in today’s world.

Extract data from reliable sources

When it comes to the massive use of the private search engine, you are also redirected to secured sources most of the time. In fact, some of the advanced search engines use their own data server by which it displays the result to the users. They don’t rely on the third-party database and as a result of this, the users are always redirected to reliable sources. But this is not going to work 100% of the time. At times the hackers often manage to penetrate the secured layer of the third party search engines by creating thousands of phishing sites. So you need to pay careful attention when you clicking an unknown link. If the link seems suspicious, you should avoid the link at any cost.


The safety lies within your hand. By using the private search engine, you can easily improve your personal data security and get more precise search results. But the new users might have trouble in dealing with precise information but if they use the private search engines for a few months, they are not going to use the traditional search engine anymore. So, take advantage of modern technology and try to secure yourself on the internet.