Interesting New Applications for Machine Learning

Machine learning, a complex and multi-faceted aspect of artificial intelligence, is a new technology that is sweeping through the world in a multitude of exciting and groundbreaking ways.

With each breakthrough comes yet another new way in which this technology is being applied to industries throughout the world. The practical uses of this unique form of artificial intelligence are limitless and profound, resulting in its usage throughout almost every level of multiple different industries.

Whether you work in the industry or not, you encounter machine learning applications every single day due to its prolific usage across so many different devices and programs throughout the world. Even the casual user of most technology will inadvertently encounter some form of artificial intelligence and machine learning, often without even realizing it. You will even find it in practical use at retail stores and doctors’ offices, making this one of the most widespread forms of artificial intelligence in use today.

The technology continues to advance at lightning speed with new innovations revealed almost daily in some sectors. With such rapid advancement, the wealth of options available for implementing machine learning in a practical way continues to expand throughout different industries and technologies. While it is already in use across a plethora of different sectors, the future for this technology promises to find it used even more frequently as time progresses.

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Continue reading below for some of the new and exciting applications of machine learning in our world today.

Machine Learning for Mental Health

Recent years have found the tech world inundated with options for seeking mental health assistance and therapy online. The ease of access and relative anonymity of this resource has been one of the biggest benefits for those seeking help with their mental health. As the options continue to expand, there has been increasing interest in using artificial intelligence in conjunction with mobile therapy in order to fine-tune the services offered.

Being able to talk with a therapist bot has proven to improve the transparency with which a patient discusses their issues since it eliminates the stigma of mental health much more than talking face-to-face with another human. Machine learning is becoming increasingly adept at recognizing mental health issues and helping patients find the right course of treatment without the need for human intervention. As this technology continues to expand, the usage is becoming increasingly accessible to patients across the world.

Machine Learning in the Medical Field

Another new and potentially groundbreaking application of machine learning is in the medical and healthcare industries. In its infancy in many fields, machine learning continues to develop across many different aspects of the healthcare industry, resulting in a wealth of different options for patients and medical professionals to benefit from this artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is capable of helping diagnose issues such as cancer, brain injury, and heart disease through a series of complex algorithms that examine images for similarities with confirmed diagnoses. Recent developments are also exploring the ability of artificial intelligence to analyze the genetic make-up of an individual to look for risk factors that could lead to future disease.

Machine Learning in the Transportation Industry

Another robust and swiftly growing application for machine learning is in the transportation industry. You can find this artificial intelligence in everything from ride-sharing apps to logistics, whether this is through something as simple as picking the right route to the most effective option for shipping and delivering. As the technology becomes more efficient and streamlined, the applications for it continue to grow and the transportation industry is the best example of how prolific it is becoming.

In addition to increasing the efficiency of transportation as a whole, machine learning is making transportation safer across the board. From smart cars to driving assist, the ability for this artificial intelligence to learn and respond in real-time is preventing numerous accidents that would have normally happened due to user-error. Safety-conscious companies are now implementing automated equipment to reduce the need for personnel to be in situations that were previously incredibly dangerous.

Machine Learning in Finance

Machine Learning in Finance

Another new and exciting application of artificial intelligence in the workforce is being seen in the financial world. Using complex algorithms that analyze and interpret data from the stock markets around the world, the financial sector is able to make accurate predictions for the future of certain stocks that have resulted in a more secure investment ground. As the capabilities of machine learning continue to increase, investors and traders around the world are finding its application resulting in greater security and wealth through the elimination of the risk inherent to stock trading.

Machine learning is changing the way the world works in astounding ways that continue to grow in potential with every new development. As practical applications grow almost exponentially, we find ourselves faced with an ever-changing landscape of how the world’s industries will work in the future. From things as simple as the mobile devices we use every day to the way in which we receive medical care from our doctors, machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more a part of our every day lives.

The rapid rate at which this exciting new technology continues to change foretells a world in which the possibilities are limitless. Artificial intelligence can already be found in nearly every industry that exists and is quickly progressing to encompass even those industries we never thought it possible to augment with the technology. Machine learning will soon be inextricably linked to every aspect of how our lives are managed, resulting in a world that is not only more efficient but also touched by the exciting prospects that the future holds.

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