Things That Will Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Having any of your accounts hacked can be scary, especially if you rely on Instagram for your business and as a source of income.

With hacking on the platform increasing you want to know that you are able to keep your account safe. So, how can you protect your account from hackers and even if it is hacked, how easily can you recover it? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Use Instagram’s New Security Features

If you come to sign into your Instagram and you find that your email and password aren’t working, you now have the option to hit the button that says my log in details aren’t working. This will then enable you to recover your account via the phone or the email that the account is linked to. Instagram are rolling this new feature out now and one of the best bits about it is that they can block hackers from accessing your email and phone number codes as their devices won’t match, neat huh!?

Two Factor Authentications

Two factor authentications may seem like a long drawn out process, but it really is one that can secure your accounts for you. Once you have installed the two-factor process, it becomes a lot harder to hack your account and chances are the hackers won’t even attempt it. So, whilst it may take more time for you to log in to your account, the payoff is worth it.

Set Your Account To Private

This isn’t an option for businesses, brands or influencers, but if you are like me and only use Instagram to connect with friends and see what they are up to, you should have your account set to private. This stops your photos being public and reduces the chance of people wanting to access your account.

Check Login Activity

You can’t check this through the app, so you will need to sign into Instagram through a browser to be able to do this, but it is worth doing. When you login to Instagram, it will record the areas where you have done this, this makes sure that if anyone attempts to get into your account from a different location, they can assess where you are and if it isn’t you, block the action. That being said, it will also be worth you checking this just to make sure that there is nothing untoward occurring on your account.

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Block Accounts You Don’t Know

We all love getting new followers on Instagram, it really can do wonders for the ego, but not everyone following you does so out of the goodness of their heart and a lot of these profiles aren’t even people, they’re bot accounts. Check through your follower list and see if there are any followers that don’t see like they are real, such things as they will have a very high following number and a very low follower number. They won’t be posting any content; they may only have one image up. These bot accounts usually just take up space on people’s followers list, but they can also be there for malicious purposes.

Change Your Password Regularly

We are all absolutely guilty of still using the same password we have had since we were 12 and more often than not, that password or similar variants are the ones we use across all of our accounts. To keep your Instagram account safe, you should make sure you change your password regularly. Not only is there less chance you will get hacked, it also vastly reduces the chances of said hackers being able to get into your other accounts.

Secure Your Primary Email Account

We all have a primary email account that everything goes through so you want to make sure that this is safe and secure, as if hackers get into this, they can access everything. You can set up a recovery email address, phone number and two factor authentications, this will make sure that your email account remains safe which vastly reduces the chances of it being hacked, along with any accounts that you have set to this particular email address.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Instagram security, we all tend to a take a blasé stance and think that no one would want to hack us, but unfortunately this becoming more and more common. Thankfully securing our accounts isn’t difficult or too much hard work, we just need to make sure we are being proactive when it comes to changing our passwords and securing our other accounts. If you aren’t a business or an influencer, then keep your profile on private so that your photos aren’t out there for the world to see and remove any followers that look as though they are bot or fake accounts.

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