PipeDrive CRM Alternatives: Importance for Small Business Owners

Marketing is one of the most important functions of any and every business. The other side of the coin would be sales.

When you are running a business, you would be well aware of the fact that sales and marketing are the two most important functions that can help you add to revenues and bring home a loyal customer base as well. Before we delve deeper into the alternatives to PipeDrive, we should understand what CRM really is and why it is imperative for brands and businesses today to embrace this platform and process for better conversion rates.

CRM or customer relationship management is one of the most important evolutions that have happened in the recent decades. This development has literally changed the way we do business across the world without having to leave our current location even as coordinate with teams spread globally to service clients who are just as varied. There are a number of benefits that you would get when you turn to a CRM platform like PipeDrive or any PipeDrive alternative. Here are a few of the benefits for you to think of, especially if you are a small business owner:


This would be one of the foremost benefits that a business can derive from PipeDrive alternatives or CRM platforms. When you turn to a CRM platform, you are basically automating a lot of functions that are closely tied in with the information that you maintain for individual clients and customers. Sifting through all this information and manually calling up records of past interactions may not be easy or even possible at all times. Hence, when you have a CRM platform at play, the functions are designed to throw up the information in a better manner for you to use at the right time, for the right customers and for the right campaigns as well. This makes the team much more productive since they can shift focus from the mundane and the monotonous towards core tasks.

Team Collaboration

Employing a CRM platform like PipeDrive or an alternative to PipeDrive would guarantee better team collaboration since all the tasks and functions are properly lined up with prompts sent out to the relevant team member once the previous task has been completed. This also increases the sense of accountability within the team and ensures that there is no duplication or missing out of tasks. When there is an automated prompt for each function and task with the relevant team member mentioned, there is also an elimination of excessive and chaotic communication. This makes the team members even more efficient when they have to go through the entire sales pipeline to get to the end where there is a conversion waiting.


What is it that creates maximum chaos, especially for a small business owner? That would be information! Information pertaining to individual clients and prospects as well as the generation and nurturing of leads with the right information called up at the right time can be quite a boon when automated, and quite chaotic when it has to be carried out manually. This is the reason most small businesses are now turning to CRM platforms like PipeDrive and alternatives to PipeDrive as well. This kind of a platform gives rise to better and more seamless organization of information which is stored in relevant keys and fields so that they correspond with the right functions as and when the same have to be carried out.

In keeping with the above benefits, one can see why so many alternatives to PipeDrive and other well known CRM systems have sprung up. It has become imperative for small, medium and big businesses alike to make use of such benefits by automating their information and functions to reach the end of the sales pipeline in the most efficient manner and with minimum wastage of scare resources. This is especially important for small business owners. However, not all small businesses can afford a platform like PipeDrive and hence one can find a suitable alternative to PipeDrive so as to tap into all these benefits. Here are our top picks when it comes to PipeDrive alternatives:


This would be one of the foremost CRM and marketing automation platforms that can help you connect with clients and team members spread out all over the world. You can easily use their integrations and even avail their various features that help you achieve marketing automation. Plus, the platform is a very affordable one compared to most others and it even has constant support features to help you install and navigate your way.

Zoho CRM:

This is a fairly new platform that also offers a number of features for you to organize your business in a better manner. As a PipeDrive alternative, it ranks quite well too. It offers many features and integrations as well.


This is a well know PipeDrive alternative which gives you a number of templates and functions for email marketing as well as other integrations. However, it does not offer you the complete range of features like EngageBay and similar, superior alternatives to PipeDrive.


This is also a well known PipeDrive alternative that has taken the world of CRM by storm. Yet, not many small business owners would find it particularly affordable despite its full range of features in this niche.


This is also a well known and upcoming CRM platform that allows you to integrate various other functions and processes.


With many integrative functions and other features as well as analytics and testing, you can get a full range of features here too.

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