Zendesk vs Freshdesk – Features Comparison

In this comparative review I would like to explore in depth two competing products: Zendesk and Freshdesk, and understand which product offers its users more features. For this comparison I took the following pricing plans: Zendesk Professional for $49 per month per agent and Freshdesk Estate for $40 per month per agent. Prices are shown if paid for a year.

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Zendesk Freshdesk
Ticket list Zendesk Agents ticket list Freshdesk Tickets list
Ticket editing Zendesk Edit ticket Freshdesk edit ticket
Batch editing Zendesk Tickets batch edit Freshdesk bulk actions
Quick editing No Freshdesk Quick ticket edit
Quick editing of agent, status and priority, as well as quick ticket action buttons.
Ticket export Zendesk-ticket-export
Export of tickets from current view to CSV
Freshdesk ticket export
Ticket export in CSV and XLS formats. All fields are available for export, plus filter by date of tickets being exported.
Indication of tickets with response With "Last client update" column in the list Tickets with client response are marked with a special marker
Quick list filters No Yes, by all ticket fields
Automatic list update Highlights preset filters containing updates Displays "Update" button and “Updates available” icon in every ticket
Preset list filters Yes Yes, can be set up from ticket list
List columns setup Yes No columns, ticket data display implemented as three-line scheme, all data visible by default.
Automatic diplay of client's avatar in ticket Yes No
Creating new ticket from client's response in existing ticket (Split Tickets) No Yes
User fields Yes Yes
Ticket reply with CC field Ticket CC field is filled from the letter itself, but each recipient gets a separate letter without CC Ticket CC field is filled from the letter itself and recipients get letters with filled CC, clients can use "Reply to all".
History in ticket No Yes. Action history display disable button is available
Tasks in ticket No To-Do List. Added tasks are shown in Dashboard.
Ticket transfer to another customer support (Ticket Sharing) Possibility to transfer ticket to another account with Zendesk, Atlassian Jira, etc. No
Tags No white space between tags. When adding there is no option to select from existing. When adding users is offered to select from previously used. White space between tags is allowed.
Images in attachments Quick view Open in new tab
Timer in ticket Starts automatically when ticket is opened. After ticket changes are saved requests confirmation of time spent Does not start automatically, but possible to automate with Freshplug. Possibility to add time manually.

Ticket channels

Zendesk Freshdesk
Email Email similar to support@company.zendesk.com provided by default, possibility to add addresses in the same domain, as well as allow Wilcards – mail to any address in company.zendesk.com domain will be received as tickets.
Integration with Gmail and the so-called Gmail-Go-To-Actions, which adds buttons in letters if viewed in Gmail interface
Emails in other domains can be used only through forwarding.
Email similar to support@company.freshdesk.com provided by default, possibility to add addresses in the same domain.
Possibiility to add BCC address, which will be receiving all correspondence with clients.
Other domain emails are added through forwarding. Each address can be assigned with a group that will be receiving tickets from that particular address.
Chat Using Zopim with separate plans for using chats Own system for working with clients via chat. Possibility to limit the number of chats manually.
Twitter and Facebook Yes Yes
User portal Only several preset themes.
None in channel settings.
Possibility to set up color scheme, CSS styles, Header and Footer sections, as well as authorization via Google, Facebook and Twitter.
Widget Yes Two types of widgets: Popup and Embedded. Apart from basic fields Popup has "Take screenshot" button and possibility to search articles in knowledge base.
Telephony Phone numbers from over 40 countries worldwide are provided. Call rates are not available on Zendesk website
Free calls from clients with subsequent automatic ticket creation. Functionality of voice menu, call stats, etc., has to be paid separately at the rate of $29 per agent per month
Phone numbers from over 41 country worldwide are provided, call rates are available on Freshdesk website. Number is connected only upon request via Freshdesk sales department. Entire telephony functionality is available without additional fees.
Mobile SDK Yes Yes

Automation and SLA

Zendesk Freshdesk
Automatic ticket processing Trigger — processing of incoming tickets
Macros – set of automated actions that is started manually
Automation – ticket processing by time
Dispatch’r — processing of incoming tickets
Supervisor — ticket processing by time
Observer — ticket processing by event
Scenario Automations – set of automated actions that is started manually
Email commands No Freshdesk-email-commands
Following ticket fields can be edited via email: Status, Priority, Agent, Group, etc.
SLA No preset SLA policies by default. Needs to be created manually.
Supports business days and hours.
Possibility to display SLA level indication in the list.
Preset SLA policies can be edited, but cannot be disabled.
Supports business days and hours.
Displayed in the list only when response time expired.


Zendesk Freshdesk
Overview – summary of customer support service
Leaderboard – agent and group performance reports
Satisfaction – customer satisfaction indicators
Insights – powerful report builder
Helpdesk Analysis – consolidated chat reports.
Productivity – agent and group performance reports as well as time tracked
Customer Happiness – customer satisfaction indicators.
All tabular reports can be exported in CSV, and the rest – PDF format

Other features

Zendesk Freshdesk
Keyboard shortcuts Zendesk-keyboard-shotcuts Freshdesk-keyboard-shortcuts
Arcade No Points – agents get points for ticket execution time and penalties for overdue tickets.
Quests – agents get badges for certain achievements in working with tickets.

Bottom line

This is where I would like to end this comparative review. If in future I find some more key differences, I will definitely include them. In my opinion Zendesk in some cases clearly lags behind Freshdesk, and considering the price difference of $9, I think, the choice is obvious.

In the next review I will compare pricing plans of Zendesk and Freshdesk.

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