Put.io vs ZbigZ: Which One to Choose for Downloading Torrents Online?

Put.io and ZbigZ are two leading cloud services that offer online torrent downloads. Both of them are renowned for speedy operation. If you were to choose one of these two, which would you prefer?


Answering this query seems to be a bit difficult in the first place. But if we go deeper inside the topic, it would be easier to make a choice. And exactly for that reason, here I present Put.io vs ZbigZ comparison. Let’s start.

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The above table depicts some core differences between Put.io and ZbigZ. The boldest point of difference stands on their pricing strategy. Put.io doesn’t offer any free plan. If you want to use Put.io’s service, you must purchase a paid package, at least for one day. On the other hand, ZbigZ allows users to enjoy its online torrent downloading service for free, with some restrictions.

We also see that, both of the mentioned sites let users deploy magnet links and .torrent files to catch torrents conveniently. Media streaming is also offered by them.

ZbigZ gives 1 GB of free storage to store fetched files from torrent networks. It also restricts the maximum file size and transfer limit for free users. Being all-premium, Put.io places no such restrictions.

So, Which One to Choose?

It totally depends on your necessity. If you are just an occasional torrent user who wants to download a less-than-1GB file, you may like to use ZbigZ for zero cost. But when your requirement crosses this line, you need to spend some money and then choose a paid plan from whichever service you prefer. If it can be accomplished within 24 hours, the least package of Put.io could cover this.