RescueTime Alternative for MAC: Try Timing Application

If you are searching for RescueTime Alternative for Mac, take a look at Timing as it also uses automatic time-tracking. This approach implies the analysis of apps you are using and automatic distribution of time by projects or by activities. Naturally, this distribution occurs according to the rules you set.

As compared with other time-tracking apps this approach is best for those who are working on multiple projects at the same time and for some reason don’t want to bother starting and stopping the timer.

Timing has been created for Mac only and its functionality is a good RescueTime alternative. However, there are some differences between them, which we have put in the following table:

Timing logo Timing RescueTime logo RescueTime
Only for Mac, but collects info about pages from Chrome and Safari Apps available for WindowsMacLinuxAndroid
and plugins for FirefoxChrome
Fully autonomous app, no web-interface and nothing can be sent to server
timing app main window - rescuetime alternative
Dashboard available via site only, info about apps being used is sent to servers by agents, installed on computer
rescuetime dashboard
Distributes time by projects, good for freelancers working on multiple projects at once
timing app rules
Distributes time by level of productivity and activity categories, good to assess personal productivity
rescuetime categories
No special built-in reports, but can upload activity data into CSV or JSON files grouped by projects and apps
timing app report export
Various charts are available on website, they reflect your productivity, but there is no option to upload your time info into an external file
rescuetime charts
No integration with third party services, although gets info from various third party apps for detailed working time classification Works with Beeminder, Zapier, GitHub, but no time classification by edited documents
Does not support goals and notification Allows setting productivity goals, monitor them and get notified about inefficient time spending
The price is $25, which is a one-time payment, no monthly fees.
timing app pricing
Free subscription available or $9 per month with a 14-day trial period
rescuetime pricing

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