Zendesk vs Salesforce Desk – competitive comparison

As promised in the previous article, this time I am publishing a side-by-side comparison between Zendesk and Desk.com

I did not include the basic functionality into the tables below intentionally, as its availability is obvious to users and does not require comparison. Functions that are not directly connected with tickets are included in a separate table.


Zendesk logo Zendesk Zendesk logo Desk.com
Ticket channels email-16 phone-46-16 chat-4-16 twitter-16-2 facebook-2-16 help-16-1 code-16 iphone-2-16 email-16 phone-46-16 chat-4-16 twitter-16-2 facebook-2-16 help-16-1
Ticket list Zendesk ticket list Desk ticket list
Ticket editing Zendesk Edit ticket Desk Edit ticket
Bulk editing of tickets Select multiple tickets>Press edit button. All fields available
Zendesk bulk ticket edit
Selecting multiple tickets automatically opens edit window. All fields available except reply to user.
Desk bulk ticket edit
Tickets by phone Autoresponder with a separate number. Works in selected countries. Manual input of conversation content
Tickets from chat Proprietary widget, built-in chat from Zopim Chat, etc. Proprietary widget and built-in chat from Olark
Ticket list update Manually Tickets are displayed upon receipt
Custom fields in tickets Yes Available in Next Gen interface
Text formatting in replies Rich Text, Markdown N/A
Supervisor in tickets Implemented as СС field N/A. Implementable with custom fields
File attachment Only in user reply form Available in user reply form and in separate ticket field for internal use
Getting client info from open sources N/A Intergration URLs

Additional functionality

Zendesk logo Zendesk Zendesk logo Desk.com
Dashboard Zendesk Dashboard
Client portal HelpCenter and forum for chatting with customers Yes
Knowledge base articles Available only from client portal Possibility to attach to ticket in reply form
SLA Yes. Tickets contain time of next step. SLA reports are available. N/A. Only creation of relevant rules.
Control of customer satisfaction Yes. Possibility to display results in ticket list. Yes
Rules of ticket processing Constantly monitoring ticket changes Divided into start conditions: upon creation, opening, change, by time, etc.
Adjustable work time Yes, including holidays Yes
Agent's time tracking Built-in time tracking mechanism and third party apps. Time report available in constructor. N/A


Zendesk logo Zendesk Zendesk logo Desk.com
From $5 per user. 30-day trial period.

From $25 per user. 14-day trial period.



In my opinion, despite the fact that Desk has its own indisputable advantages, considering the huge price difference as well as multiple red points in the above tables, Zendesk is definitely a winner in this case. You can check the review of the latter here.


[Total: 4    Average: 2.8/5]