6 Points I Don’t Like ADrive for

We’ve already written many positive reviews about ADrive, but here I’d like to add some fly into the ointment and share what I don’t like in it.

I had a chance to use ADrive for several months and here are some points that really annoy me:

  1. Their Windows application uses temporary folder before writing to the mounted drive. So if you want to transfer large files and you don’t have enough space on your drive it will fail.
  2. After it fails it doesn’t free the temporary folder nor allows you to do this unless you close the ADrive agent on your computer
  3. The backup process couldn’t be triggered by file system change, only by time period.
  4. When you don’t work with their web interface for some time and then try to do something it will suddenly log you off and ask to log in and enter to the file list again.
  5. It doesn’t refresh the folder list properly on the web interface, so sometimes it shows outdated information about folders
  6. The file transfer is really slow (at least from Europe).

But to balance these negative points I have to admit that thanks to support of many data transfer protocols and comparatively low prices we still use ADrive in some our projects as a backup storage.

Livedrive Cloud Storage

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