Zadarma – SIP Telephony with Free Cloud PBX

Zadarma is a SIP telephony provider with phone numbers in well over 70 countries worldwide. The company has been on the market since 2006 and currently owns four data centers in different locations which ensure reliability and quality of connection. Having said that, Zadarma services are quite cheap as compared to other similar services.

What is All About?

Mover is an intermediary between various web technologies that don’t play nice together. Mover takes your files from one place and copies them to another. No downloads and nothing to watch over – our web-hosted app does all the work!

Where to Store My Photos Online?

Everyone of us may not be photographer, but we all like taking photos. Because of limited on-device storage and accessibility constraints, online photo storages got huge popularity. What are some of the great cloud destinations for photos?

ADrive Review

ADrive is an online storage and backup service that gives 50GB space for free. Its ad supported basic plan users get some common features only, while a 60-day free trial offers access to all premium benefits.