Comparison of HelpDesk Systems

Earlier, in the article Choosing HelpDesk I have already touched upon the differences between various systems. But that article reviewed only the functionality while practical application was not considered.In this article I will try to separate HelpDesk systems based on the spheres of their possible application.

IT Departments and Outsourcing Companies

As rule, IT services need inventory management, time tracking, and, in some cases, mobile apps for agents.

  • Jitbit HelpDesk (review) receives tickets only via email and web form on user portal. It allows to connect to mail server through POP and IMAP (including secure connection SSL) and link email to support service. It can also help you keep track of inventory, although there is no inventory reporting feature. Another important feature of Jitbit – user authorization using Active Directory accounts. Apps available for iOs and Android. Perfect match for IT departments as well as outsourcing companies. 
  • Spiceworks (review) has been created specifically to cater for the needs of IT support. It is completely free and almost entirely autonomous. Agent authorization requires account at even in On-Premise version. Inventory management is implemented better than in Jitbit. It has reporting feature and even a possibility to order equipment. Authorization via Active Directory is available only for clients. Apps available for iOs and Android.
  • GLPI is another IT-oriented Open Source system. Its inventory management includes procurement plans. It may be used in companies, rules of which do not restrict the use of Open Source products.
  • Freshdesk (reviewcomparison with Zendesk) is a good fit if you are looking to integrate telephony. The system supports phone numbers from over 40 countries worldwide, while other can use call forwarding, although this solution is not the best. A special IT-oriented version Freshservice is also available.

Online Services

Hosting providers, website and software support services, etc., whose users may be scattered worldwide, all they usually need more ticket channels than simply email and phone, they need at least a built-in online chat.

  • Freshdesk (review, comparison with Zendesk) is one of the most convenient and robust HelpDesk systems. Smaller teams can use it for free. Freshdesk supports tickets from chats, website form, as well as Twitter and Facebook. A system of points for support service employees will help managers to understand their performance.
  • Live Agent (review) is a system focused on quick support service replies. It features incoming ticket sound and visual notifications, agents can pause their work to avoid automated ticket assignment. Currently it supports only email and online chat channels. As far as functionality goes, Freshdesk has a little edge.
  • UserEcho – for a relatively low price you can install online chat widget on your website and support your users in real time. In addition, UserEcho offers forum voting functionality which can be useful in terms of getting extra feedback from your users.
  • HelpdeskEddy is another HelpDesk system with basic functionality which supports social networks.
  • Zendesk (review) is one of the most popular HelpDesk systems worldwide. It supports same incoming ticket channels as Freshdesk, although its chat channel comes from Zopim.

Supermarket, Emergency Service, Security Service, Radio Hotline, etc.

Today, the main channel of supermarket quality control department for incoming complaints and suggestions from people is a phone. However, not every customer is willing to dial support service, wait for the next free operator and then explain his/her complaint. This customer will simply go to another store. But what if one could send complaint via WhatsApp and attach a photo, I bet many would be excited to do that. Take radio station for instance that wants to get information from its users in real time. In this case Internet messengers WhatsApp or Viber would allow to build up an effective communication with radio listeners as well.

Chat HelpDesk (review) is an online control room which receives messages via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and SMS. It is quite an extraordinary product on the market of HelpDesk system, resembling UserEcho on the outside – tabs with chats between which one can quickly switch. Operator is able to hand over chats to other operators, export reports in Excel and control their performance.

Bottom line

Yes, this article is a personal opinion and many may not necessarily stick to it. It reflects my own thoughts which maybe useful to some of you. On the other hand, you can check some unbiased ‘dry’ facts on our website with the help of the Guide to HelpDesk systems, which contains only a functionality filter to help you quickly select your perfect HelpDesk.

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